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Law Abiding Citizen

Last night on our way to getting a luscious caramel frappocino with extra caramel, which, by the way, we get at least once a day (sometimes twice…thanks starbucks ;)), but that’s besides the point… Marina (my wife) turned to me and said “want to just see a movie?” 

Now I was stunned, I didn’t expect that to happen…you see earlier while we were at work she was panicking over the amount of work that she had to do and how she had to come in after work to do it, which was where we were planning to go once we got our Frappocino, however, she asked that simple question and of course being the movie person that I am I said “sure”.  Of course that was after I put on my own acting job and asked “are you sure?” in a very sympathetic voice which I’m sure she saw right through.  She was sure and we bought two tickets to Law Abiding Citizen. 

When I first saw the previews for this movie I was pretty excited…I mean you shouldn’t be able to go wrong with Gerard Butler and Jamie Fox right? Okay so maybe you can but I still like both of them.  So my excitement eased up as I started reading reviews and saw that it only garnered a 22% on rotten tomatoes which kept me from seeing it on opening night.  But there we were, tickets in hand grabbing a Blue Raspberry Slurpee and heading into that dark yet exciting theater.

Now I normally need to get in the theater so I can watch previews but because this was a spur of the moment decision we were five minutes late and we caught the tale end of the Shutter Island Trailer (which is another movie I’m looking  forward too, although I might have to convince Marina to go since she is not into the creepy stuff). 

Anyway, Law Abiding Citizen is about a family man named Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) who one night get’s targeted for a home invasion by one rather disgusting and vile person and another who seems not to exactly want to be there.  These two tear apart this man’s life by not only murdering his wife but also his little girl.  The police eventually nab the two but the prosecuting attourney, Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx), is hesitant about going all the way with the case because he’s afraid about his conviction record so instead makes a deal which doesn’t sit well with Clyde.  This deal which sent one man to death row and the other to prison for 10 years sent Clyde into revenge mode and gave him 10 years to plan out exactly how he was going to take out his revenge. 

I thought Gerard Butler did a splendid job with this role…although I felt his mournful moments in the beginning weren’t necessarily his best.  Jamie Foxx also turned in a good performance.  The cast as a whole really seemed to work well together aside from maybe the Mayor.  I think Viola Davis is a good actress, however I think she made the Mayor a little too much. 

The story went at a good pace and had great balance but it failed me at the end.  I just didn’t think the ending fit.  I think they felt they needed something big to end on since the whole film was on that level but the problem was the fact you were kind of rooting for Clyde and what he was trying to accomplish so the ending that was put together fell kind of flat. 

So I say go see the movie but maybe see it during the day when you have nothing better to do and the prices are lower.


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