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I don’t watch a lot of television unless it is HGTV (I’m married), reality shows on VH1 (again I’m married), Fox News (because they get in peoples faces and really try to get them to say what they mean..and you have to respect that whether you are Independent, Liberal, or Conservative).  However, on Monday’s or sometimes on On-Demand (thank you COX Cable) the wife and I are watching Heroes.  It is what the fourth season now…I must say…I like the new characters except maybe the evil cheerleader, in fact when are they going to get Claire back into doing something worthwhile…her storyline is pretty boring (hers and Peter’s).  I like the carnival man…although I’m not quite sure what his power is…he can make ink come to life? make the earth move? make a carnival appear out of thin air?  which is it?  The last episode with him destroying the police station was cool and all but at one point he made the carnival appear in place of the town…uh…care to elaborate?  My only other annoyance is Parkman, Matt is such a dork why wouldn’t he want to use his powers…he doesn’t have to meddle or anything…but when things go down…it is always good to have the powers as a backup.


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