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2012 – The Real Review

Okay…let’s just get some things out of the way.  2012 is a disaster movie…and what do all disaster movies have – aside from maybe Titanic of coarse?  They have great huge special effects, some couple working on their relationship, a father/son or father/daughter moment, some guy who is working against everything, and some cheesy parts.  So all of those who take their job of “reviewing a movie” too seriously, get over it.  I equate a disaster movie to a rollercoaster.  Now the type of rollercoaster it is let’s us know what type of movie we are getting into.  The reason I leave out Titanic is that it actually had a story that was better than the disaster itself. All other recent disaster movies is basically about the disaster…and 2012 isn’t any different.  I don’t even know why they try to explain why it is going to happen…all I wanted was it to just start.  Ok…maybe I cared about how they explained away nutrinos and setting up all the different characters but I was still anxious to get this ride moving ;)

2012 is based on the ancient Mayan calendar basically stopping on December 12, 2012 (look it up it is interesting stuff).  The Mayans believed some huge cataclysmic event that is going to happen due to all the planets lining up in a nice little formation (now stop writing your “end of the world” posters and keep reading).  So the movie starts off with introductions…we have Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) who is a scientist for the government (sorry can’t remember the organization he is affiliated with…but does it really matter?).  Dr. Helmsley is the one that brings the news of the world’s demise to Carl Anheuser (Oliver Platt) who then breaks the news to the President (Danny Golver).  All three actors played their roles very well…especially Chiwetel Ejiofor.  I don’t believe I have seen him in a movie before…but he was very convincing and showed a lot of charisma and emotion.  Oliver Platt also brought what was needed for his character although I thought the character himself was not used as well as he should have been.  Danny Glover made an interesting President…I like Mr. Glover but felt that maybe the President acted a little senile. 

John Cusack played the ex-husband role (Jackson Curtis) well and provided much needed acting prowess which helped to elevate the rest of the cast members around him.  The rest of the cast were fine in there performances…nothing too outstanding except maybe Woody Harrelson who played a conspiracy theorist and a bit of comic relief. 

Alright…back to the story…Jackson Curtis (Cusack) wakes up, having to take his kids camping who he must pick up from ex-wife Kate (Amanda Peet).  He wants to take the kids to the spot where him and their mother would always go but found his way blocked by a fence which, like all good fathers, jumped over. Once they got to this special spot by a lake they find the lake pretty much gone.  Government agents race down upon them and take them away where they meet briefly with Adrian Helmsley (Ejiofor) who tries to cover up what happened to the lake.  The lovely family get taken back down the mountian to the campgrounds where they run into Charlie Frost (Harrelson) who asks about their run-in with the military. 

During that time things start to shake up (literally) around the globe and that is when the fun begins.  About an hour and a half of special effects and plane trips later we come to the end of the movie.  There’s a story in there somewhere…ah yes…Jackson Curtis hears about the governement’s plan to save as many people as they can (at least those able to pay the billion or so dollars to grab themselves a ticket) and rushes with his family to get there, they run into some Russians along the way as well as a nice Chinese family.

The story is a side piece to the great special effects.  Watching San Francisco, Las Vegas, and even the Vatican  crumble and a huge Aircraft Carrier smash into the White House is pretty jaw dropping. 

So if you want a fun ride and don’t really care too much about story and don’t want to worry about following the story then this is a great movie to go see.

If you are going to take this movie seriously and nit-pick then don’t bother.


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